Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

As usual for Wednesdays, Kelsey and I worked with the team at Queens.  We broke up into groups and dispersed throughout the hospital.  I stopped by the orthopedic wards to say hi to the kids, of course, they were excited to see me and I was happy to see their bright shining faces despite their injuries.  After that, I went with Yamicani and Paul to the HIV/AIDs clinic to play with the children waiting with their parents.  It was my first time there and honestly, the ward is very dark and depressing and I was a little nervous.  I knew the boys would never let anything happen to me, understandably felt a little hesitant.  However, God calls us out of our comfort zone (as if by living in Africa I am not already) to do His will and love His people, so I rebuked my fear and played with the kids.  I ended up coloring with three or four of them for two hours and they loved it! 

After playing with the kids in the clinic we had lunch and then I read to the guardians.  I read the Bible story about the Fall of Man and explained that we are all sinners and deserve death, but God sent his only Son, Jesus, who is perfect, so that we can have a relationship with God and be in eternity with Him someday.  I think they enjoyed it.  There were so many guardians outside today that we could only read at some of the outer areas.  When I saw them all the only thing I could think of was that there were as numerous as the children of Israel from the Old Testament; they were everywhere!  We could only read to those sitting in the outer areas because there were so many.   I could have spent hours upon hours reading to them all, but unfortunately we had a schedule to keep. 

Kelsey and I went met up with Francis, our Chichewa teacher, because we had to give him something and then we got groceries at Shoprite.  We had to lug all our groceries home, our backpacks were full and we had to carry some as well.  Once we got dropped off by the minibus and started our trek home, I told Kelsey to start praying for someone we know to pick us up.  It was hot, the bags were heavy and we were tired from the long day we’d had.  About five minutes into our walk, Mr. Chewa, our landlord, drives up and offered us a ride!  I knew God would provide and He did!  It was just a little thing, but it was such a blessing!    

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