Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

Today was really great!  This morning we went to the school and had a quick meeting with the ABC Team.  Then, Tisu and Abbie came back to the house with us to help us cook for the staff party/meeting this afternoon.  It was fun chopping veggies and sifting through rice with the women.  The team arrived a short time later and we did the Holy Spirit Bible study we have been going through.  Once the study was over we ate.  The dinning room table was filled with delicious food and we all dug in! The food was just as good as our first party! 

After lunch, we had our staff meeting.  Yamikani was officially announced as the project leader for the hospital, which is a blessing.  We are all excited for him to become the team’s hospital Abusa.  Then, Maribeth reminded the team that I am leaving and gave everyone the opportunity to say something to me.  They all had something to say and it was very sweet.  I was choking back tears, but I really appreciated it.  The team has become my Malawian family, they are all incredible people and I am going to miss every single one of them dearly. 

Once they left, I cleaned the floors.  When Malawians eat, food flies everywhere!  I actually enjoyed sweeping and mopping because it gave me some time to process through my emotions and think.  Leaving Malawi is way tougher than I imagined. 

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