Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Today was good.  However, this morning was horrible.  I left the house late, but walked to the minibus pickup spot with Maribeth.  I waited for a minibus for a half an hour before I actually got picked up by one.  I rode the bus into town and caught a minibus from there to Queens.  On the way to Queens, the boy behind me had a bunch of live chickens tied together and put them under my seat!  I could hear them squawking and rustling, trying to get free.  I was afraid they were going to bite my ankles or something! I was stressed and aggravated from being late but I prayed for God’s peace and once I got to Queens, I was fine. 

I met up with Abbie there and we visited the kids in the orthopedic ward.  They were happy to see us and we were happy to see them.  We did not have time to see the kids in oncology before the doctors came in because we started late, so we went to our normal spot on the grass and prayed.  We always have a time of intercession prayer for the hospital, for the sick children and for our guardians. 

After lunch, Kelsey and Yamikani joined Abbie and me at Queens.  Yamikani and I read about baby Moses in the basket to the guardians and they really liked it.  After that we all visited the Moyo ward and prayed with the kids.  Abbie was not feeling good, so after we finished, she went to the doctor to get tested for malaria.  Once there was nothing else Kelsey or I could do for her, we went to town and ran some errands.

Once we got home we had Chichewa lessons, which was fun.  And the rest of our evening was nice.    

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