Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Today was great!  This morning I taught Sunday school to the younger group street boys again.  I had a young girl in my group as well, which no one had seen before, but I made her feel welcome.  I could tell right away that she was really troubled and not completely all there mentally.  I did my best to encourage her and after being there for a while she became more at ease.  I gave the kids the books we made about being a child of the King.  They loved receiving the book and coloring it.  After I read the book to them (some of them can not read), I made them all crowns out of white paper.  As I taped each crown to fit their head, the largest smile was on their face.  The rest of the time they were at the church they wore their crowns.  And I will forever hold onto the image of those kids proudly walking out the church door wearing their crowns with the biggest smiles on their faces.  It made me so happy to see their joy. 

At the beginning of the church service the girl from the streets who was in my Sunday school that morning came back and sat down.  Maribeth told me that the street kids will often come back and sit in the back of the church because they feel safe.  The girl was sitting by herself so I went over during the worship and sat with her, at first she was uncomfortable but soon she relaxed.  After the worship time the congregation had a time of prayer and I was able to use the opportunity to pray for this girl.  She had a lot of things troubling her, she had the spirit of confusion regarding her mother and her personal situation, and she had a cough.  After Maribeth and I prayed for her, she sat with us for most of the service but left before it ended.  I pray that she continues to come on Sundays so that Maribeth and I can continue to minister to her. 

Our friend Anansa and her husband joined us at church and then we went to her parent’s bed and breakfast/restaurant for lunch.  We ended up having Mongolian barbeque for lunch and then banana chocolate cake for dessert, it was amazing!  We had some really good, deep conversations and it was nice to relax.  

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