Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Today was good but difficult.  This morning I taught the Street Boys and it was crazy.  I had 20 boys in my class and the young girl from two weeks ago.  The boys were rowdy to begin with, and then the young girl started causing trouble.  Whatever she was saying in Chichewa made the boys irritated and they antagonized her, at one point she violently grabbed one of the smallest boys and three other boys started attacking her.  The two people helping me and I had to pull the boys away and get all the boys settled down.  Then, it happened again, only five or six boys attacked her and again we had to pull them all away.  It was not good.  We started singing a song in Chichewa to calm them all down because even the boys who where still seated where yelling and going crazy.  After the song she grabbed the same boy for the third time and ALL the boys went at her.  It was a full on fight in the Sunday school classroom!  I flew so fast through the door separating Maribeth’s classroom from mine and told Maribeth that the young girl needed to leave.  Then I helped pull kids out of the fight.  Once fists stopped flying Maribeth and one of the pastors tried to get her to leave, but she refused.  So, we moved all the little boys into the other classroom with the bigger boys for safety.  The older boys lead their own program and once one of the boys started preaching, I could tell the little ones were getting antsy, so I moved them into the main worship room.  Even though the worship team was practicing their songs for the service, it worked out fine.  I passed out little books we made about Jesus being the Good Shepherd and how we are his sheep and they colored it.  By the time it came around for the boys to have their snack, the girl had moved into the lobby and Maribeth and Laurette where with her.  The boys got their snack and then left. 

Unfortunately, once they left the classroom and went out into the lobby and started antagonizing the young girl again.  I tried to get them to leave her alone a couple of times but there were too many of them.  Finally a couple of the pastors got the boys to leave.  And eventually the young girl left as well.  Maribeth told me later that the young girl was possessed and that she and Laurette spent the whole time holding the girl and praying for her.

After everything that had happened in the past hour and a half I had trouble switching gears for church.  I tried my hardest to listen to the sermon but my mind was preoccupied.  My heart was heavy for all those little boys and that young girl.  It was my last Sunday with them before I have to leave to go back home and as of yet nobody has stepped up to help.  These boys are really dear to my heart and it is really hard to leave them when they have no leader.  I am praying God will provide somebody to step up and love these boys or bring me back soon.  These boys need a mommy figure to teach them about Jesus. 

Once church ended we went out to lunch and had our Chichewa lesson.  It was my last lesson and I am disappointed.  It is pretty simple to learn and it’s a beautiful language. 

After the lesson, we went to the curio place to buy some souvenirs and gifts and then we came home.  The curio place is crazy because there are a dozen men talking to you at once trying to get you to look at their stuff and buy it.  When I tried to look at something they all got in my face to show me their item, which is exactly the same.  Each stand had the same things and they were all competing for my attention and money.  As I tried to talk to Maribeth and buy something they all stood around us all talking to me at once, “Madame, Madame.”, “Look at this.”, “Come look at my stand.”  It was quite crazy! I was happy to get out of there quickly!

After that, we came home.  Today was one big over stimulating day and on top of that I was really sad to be leaving the street boys.  I cried because I do not want to leave those boys, I love them so much.  At the same time, I know I will be back and I must trust God, that He will take care of them.     

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