Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011

Today we went to Queens.  We visited and prayed for the children in the orthopedic wards and oncology ward.  In the oncology ward I got a sense that some for the fathers were making fun of us because they were laughing and I heard ‘azungu’ a couple of times.  Abigail told me afterwards that they were making fun of us both.  We then had a heart to heart and she shared that she has been feeling discouraged because some of the guardians have been saying rude and even mean things that she has not repeated to Kelsey or I.  Kelsey and I had an idea about what was going on because we can read body language but we did not know it was this bad and that it was having such an impact on her.  After finding that out Abbie and I spent some time praying for spiritual protection and strength for Abbie as well as God to open the hearts of those verbally persecuting us.  Spiritual warfare is very present here, Satan is going to use every vice he can to discourage us and keep us from doing God’s work.  However, we are not going to bow out that easily! 

After lunch Abigail and I read the story of the Samaritan woman at the well and shared that the living water Jesus refers to in the story represents salvation.  Then I explained what salvation is, means, and how to obtain it.  I did not do an alter call or anything like that, but I gave them a chance to ask questions at the end and they were pretty responsive, which is encouraging. 

Once we could go back into the wards when spent some time praying in the Moyo ward.  Most of the kids from last week have gotten better and gone home which is good to see.   We met some new kids and guardians today so gave the children books, they always love it.  We are also building a relationship with the nurse who is in charge of the ward.  This is great because we can give her some much needed encouragement. 

Kelsey and I helped out at the school for a little while and then came home.  Francis came over and we had our Chichewa lesson, we ended up having two hours of lessons instead of just one because Maribeth was running late and too tired.  Our second lesson ended up being in the kitchen as we cut vegetables and prepared dinner.  It was silly, but it worked and was a nice change.  Francis left shortly after and us ladies had a lovely dinner and a relaxing evening.  

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