Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today we went to Queens with the ABC Team.  We broke up into groups of two this week so that we could go into more wards and pray for more kids then all six of us going into one ward together.  I was paired up with Yamicani and we visited one of the orthopedic wards.  The kids in that ward usually have a broken arm, a broken leg, a shoulder or a hip problem.  Basically they are stuck in bed, even for a broken arm because it is suspended by a bar above the bed.  So, I passed out the books we made for our project and read it to them and prayed for them.  We spent a good about of time in that ward and I enjoyed it.  Then, we went to the oncology ward.  There were still doctors working there so we sat in the corner the nurses have made into a play area and played with three kids.  It was fun, we played catch with some foam balls and I build a train track for one of the little boys and he loved it. 

After lunch we visited the Moyo ward and prayed for the kids and guardians.  It is really encouraging because the kids are slowly getting better and it is neat to celebrate their recovery with the parents, share their joy.  Once we left the ward I went outside and read the story of David and Goliath to the guardians.  There were so many that I ended up reading it four times in different areas so that most people heard it.  They really enjoy and appreciate hearing the Bible stories.  By the time we finished reading, it was time to leave so we came home. 

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