Monday, March 7, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011 – Safari Day 2!!!

This morning we woke up 5:30 to prepare for the bush walk.  It gave us just enough time to drink some tea and wake up before our next adventure.  We walked to the river and saw some hippos and on our way back we saw some monkeys close up, which was cool.    It was a beautiful morning. 

Our tour guide

When I was told bush walk, I did not realize how literal they meant! Haha!

During breakfast we met a nice married couple who had arrived late last night.  The husband was a pastor and starts churches in villages that do not have one.  We found out that they were leaving the same time we were and live in the township just past ours, so they offered us a ride.  To Kelsey and my greatest relief and with gratitude we accepted their kind offer. 

After we got back the park manager asked us if we would like to go on a safari boat ride for free.  The safari boat ride is a new activity the park is going to offer.  There ended being men from Malawi TV were there that day to film and take pictures for a documentary and advertisement for the park.  Kelsey and I agreed and the men took our picture and filmed us on the boat.  We are going to be famous!  Haha! It was fun and the men were nice.  It sort of felt like we were being used, but it was a free ride and we got to see some more animals.  I asked the manager afterward for a copy of any publication that I will be in, he agreed but we’ll see if it will truly happen.

On the quick ride from the camp to the river we saw an elephant up close and personal!

During the safari boat ride, Kelsey and I got to see some animals really close.  In the beginning of our ride I was a little nervous because I did NOT want to boat to tip and meet an alligator up close and personal.  Thankfully, that did not happen and I got more comfortable being on the boat.  We got to see at least a dozen hippo in the water and the coolest thing we got to see was an elephant.  An elephant was standing in the water by the shore of the river eating plants and washing itself.  It was spectacular, I truly had a moment where I was like, “Yes, now this is Africa.”  We were able to watch him and get close in the boat.  The whole scene with him in the water and the jungle behind him was really, really spectacular. 

Pastor Paisley and his wife drove us home.  Kelsey and I were both very grateful because the thought of riding in that wanna be pick up again and taking a minibus home was not appealing.  We got talking with the couple on the ride back and found out that he knows the pastor of our church and our friend and Chichewa teacher, Francis.  I thought that was neat, God sure has a way with taking care of us.  I see now that our horrible journey to the wildlife park just made everything we experienced that much more appreciated, especially the ride home. 

Kelsey, Maribeth and I ended up going out to dinner that evening with some missionary friends of Mary’s.  It was interesting to hear about the work they are doing and discuss things we have in common as missionaries; such as, observations of the culture and obstacles we have encountered.  They were nice people. 

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