Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today was a blessing!  I woke up early this morning to find a note from Kelsey on our dinner table saying that Abbie was not going to Queens today.  So, I decided to take the day off and spend it with God.  I had not had a day with God in a long time and it was really needed.  I spent the whole day praying to God, reading in my Bible and reflecting on how God has used me and also how He has grown me spiritually.  It gave me some time to process everything that has happened and start to face the fact that I only have one more full week here until I leave to go back home. 

Kelsey and Yamikani ended up going to Queens in the afternoon to minister to the children and guardians, which was good.  After Kelsey left, our landlord and a plumber came to fix our leaky toilet.  While they were still here, our friends Jane J., Simon and Paul from the school and ABC Team showed up, unannounced, to harvest some of the maze in our backyard.  Meanwhile, the plumber figured out that the septic tank is full but they temporarily fixed it.  Just as our friends where leaving with the maze, our landlord and a different plumber stopped by so that he could get a second opinion before hiring a truck to come and pump the tank.  The conclusion was the same so he said he would arrange for a truck to come in the next couple days.  Shortly after they left, Francis, our Chichewa teacher came to give Maribeth her Chichewa lesson.  Halfway through her lesson, her friend Ramila unexpectedly stopped by to say hi and invite us over for dinner.  We made plans to go to her house Thursday night.  So, the whole day there was a revolving door.  And despite all the distractions, it was a blessing that I was able to spend a much needed day with God.  Having that time really refreshed me emotionally and spiritually. 

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